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Constitution and aim:

Aim of the Academy of Sikh Religion and Culture is enshrined in the constitution which makes it a Registered Society and a democratically functioning body to help maintain, preserve and spread Sikh Religion and Culture.

Prominent Objectives, therefore, are:

1. To help maintain and preserve Sikh Culture.

2. To propagate and help bring into practice the teachings of Sikh Gurus in India and abroad.

3. To provide and encourage community services in the true spirit and traditions of Sikh Religion and Culture which establish the ideals of love and service without any discrimination of creed, caste, religion and region.

For achieving these objectives, Academy has attempted to establish different insititutions.

It tries to organize and promote enkindling of faith, study/research in Sikh scriptures, Sikh history and different aspects of culture like literature, music, paintings and other fine arts. It also has vision to establish and help run institutions to train missionaries, "Raagis" and scholars that promote Sikh religion and culture and to provide general services to all human beings.

Office bearers may be elected from members of the Executive Council as per constitution. Office bearers hold office for 3 years. As per the constitution, they must believe firmly and faithfully in the Sikh tenets as given in Sri Guru Granth Sahib and as lived by the Sikh Gurus themselves and prominent Sikhs of that time or later in history.

Contact Informations

Head Office: Academy of Sikh Religion and Culture 1- Dhillon Marg, Model Town Patiala - 147001 Punjab ( INDIA)

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